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One of the biggest costs any company has is employees.  I can tell you first hand that IT employees are sometimes your most expensive.  But, they have become a necessity because your business runs on technology.  So you have a choice hire IT staff or bring on a outsourced IT team.  Outsourcing is quite a bit cheaper and you end up with a team full of highly intelligent and resourceful people.  So, the question becomes how do you choose from the plethora of options out there.  Do you choose a local firm that may not have as much experience?  Do you find the biggest company you can hoping that between their wealth of staffers they can solve any problem?  These are just a few of the questions you will face.  In this post we will talk about the things you should look for in an IT partner and how our Remote Geek service can help you.


Question #1 – Reactionary or Preventative?

The first thing you need to decide is if you want reactionary or preventative maintenance.  What’s the difference you may be asking yourself?  There is a big one.  Reactionary maintenance will be as needed meaning you are already having a problem.  While normally the cheapest route (sometimes) to go it can cause signifigant down time while techs work on your issue.  Reactive maintenance is normally charged on an hourly basis and if a major incident happens can end up costing you more in the long run.

Preventative maintenance costs more but has quite a few added benefits.  Remote Geek is preventative maintenance and allows us to do things like update your machines with the latest patches from Microsoft.  This can help keep your system more secure from exploits.  It also allows us to get a snapshot of the computer so that more times then not we will no about a problem before it happens.  It also gives us the ability to help remotely so that there is no waiting for a technician to come to you.  And because with remote geek as well as most preventative maintenance services you pay monthly you will get priority service.  Although normally more expensive what Preventive maintenance can save you in hardware and hourly costs if something goes wrong far outweighs what you would spend on an hourly reactionary service.

Question #2 – Does the provider have the experience I need?

Here is the thing about technology.  Every kid at Best Buy or high school geek thinks they know technology/computers. And in some cases they do.  But, this is business and no highschool or job at a technology stores prepares you for the type of problems a business faces with it’s IT.  While they may be awesome at fixing someone’s personal computer they have no understanding of what drives business.  Remote Geek technicians has a combined 19 years of IT solutions for business.  Even our interns have microsoft certifications.  We believe in the full solution.  We won’t just fix you we will future proof you.  It is hard to find another provider that has that kind of track record but doesn’t cost you a fortune.


Question #3 – Can I understand them?

This one is in my opinion the most important.  When you consult with your provider do they make it understandable.  Do they break down both the problem and the solution so that you know it has been handled and can confidently get back to what you should be doing.  A lot of providers will try to blind you with terminology and useless words making them sound smart so you automatically feel like they know what they are talking about.  Our remote geek technicians believe differently.  We don’t think you stupid but all the technical stuff is what you pay us for.  If you have a problem we will explain to you what it is and how we are going to handle it.  We will do so in a way you will understand and that will make you comfortable in getting back to what you should be doing which is growing your business.


We don’t like being thought of as a vendor.  We want to be your partners in technology.  This is why we offer solutions.  Remote Geek is a thorough network administration and computer maintenance solution brought to you by experts in the field.  Contact Us for more information and a FREE evaluation of your technology needs.

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