The web is evolving.  The way your presence should work on the internet has changed.  You can no longer just put a website up and let it sit there.  You need to be proactive with your website.  You need to update content and add new content frequently.  Let us help you get a professional website that will be easy to update and add content to with a design we promise will wow your customers.

Our Promise

We will never leave you hanging.  If you have a problem with your site we don’t dodge your calls we will work with you to get your site working the way it needs to be.  We won’t stick you with a proprietary system that you can’t move to a new host.  We work with a easy to use and very easy to move Content Management System that you can take with you if you ever decide to leave us.  We will never say NO.

Our Procedures

Most design shops will make you pay a down payment before you even get a concept.  Something about this is backwards to us.  We believe you should see what we think your website should look like before you pay a dime.  This helps you know that you have made the right choice by showing you that we see your vision.  The match between designer and company needs to be a good one and we want to make sure we match with you.

After a concept is built and approved we will quickly get started on making your dream website a reality.  But, this will take some effort from you as well.  We will need you to provide content for what you would like your website to say about you.  We will either need pictures or we will have you work with one of our on staff photographers to create the right imagery for your site.

Once the design is done and content is in all that is left is the training.  We will train you how to use your site and how to get the most out of it.  Whether it takes you one hour or one day to understand we will be there right beside you making sure your website is everything that you want it to be.  We won’t hide anything from you or lie to you about the capabilities of the software we use.  If we can’t do something we will tell you or we will find someone who can for you.

If you are interested in having a conversation about your site feel free to contact us for a FREE consultation.