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The internet is a buzz of keywords.  You change meta tags and titles for Google keyword searches.  You type in keywords to any search engine when you are looking for something.  This blog post will have keywords in it that will hopefully grab your attention.  Cloud Computing is one of those buzzwords, just about every hosting and web design company will use it and abuse it.  That’s not what the Cloud Geeks will do.  We are honest and straight forward about how our cloud works.  When we tell you something is cloud based it really is.  With all of the advantages that come with that.  So let’s talk about what you should expect when you “Cloudify” your website.

This isn’t Go-Daddy

Hosting is cheap.  Hosting is really cheap.  But Cloud hosting is not and there are reasons for this.  Resources are the key to cloud.  Compute Cycles, Bandwidth, and memory make a powerful combination that can scale with your website.  That kind of power along with the redundancy of multiple data centers makes your website a living organism that can grow with you.  A basic $5.95 a month hosting package will not do that for you.  So if you push out a social campaign that is successful and it drives visits to your site you may have failure as many actors and actresses have found out while tweeting their website.

The Cloud Doesn’t Fix Everything

If your code is broke the cloud won’t fix it.  It may help it run a little bit faster but if you don’t optimize your code don’t think for a second that the cloud is your problem.  Most people will find this to be a problem on their database side of the house.  Without full database optimization your site will run slow and it is not the clouds fault.

Don’t Skimp on Your Media

If you are a site that uses a lot of media.  Whether it be images or video use a Content Delivery Network (CDN).  A CDN will help speed up your site dramatically when it is image intensive.  I know your first instinct will be to go cheap.  But bringing a CDN to the table will improve your site speed which Google now uses in it’s site ranking.

Don’t Get Caught Up in the Hype

Putting your website in the cloud is awesome.  It makes your site fast and it feels way more responsive.  It’s like going from driving a Hybrid car to a muscle car.  But, realize that your site itself is still a organism that you need to continue to grow.  Don’t let the hype of your shiny new muscle car distract you from what is important.

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