Geek Locker ImageGeek Locker is your premiere on-line file collaboration and back-up system.  Using state of the art software and Cloud-based storage it provides you with a lightening-fast, secure file solution.  Whether you need to collaborate with your telecommuting work force, or you need to protect your valuable files Geek Locker has you covered.

For the telecommuting workforce Geek Locker acts like a file server in the Cloud.  Allowing you to give your users access to company files securely and from anywhere without having to open up any ports in your firewall.  With AES-256 bit encryption you know that your files are safe from prying eyes while giving your users the flexibility to get things done from everywhere.

As a back-up and recovery system Geek Locker will protect your files from any type of worse case scenario.  Rest assured that with Geek Locker your systems will be backed up, allowing for easier recovery and less down time for your employees.