The technology world is changing before our very eyes.  As a network administrator, I have watched the industry move away from the data center model to a more hybrid solution.  Big companies have started implementing Cloud solutions in tandem with their in-house data centers.  These hybrid solutions are saving them millions of dollars a year.  Unfortunately, no one has really brought this technology to the small or medium businesses in a way that makes sense for them.  The Cloud Geeks want and are actively trying to change that.

We offer Cloud services ranging from backup with Geek Locker to Cloud-based Hybrid E-Mail solutions with Geek Mail.  The Cloud Geeks make the technology simple for the businesses that may not have a huge IT staff.

We will integrate whatever Cloud solution works for you with both your current infrastructure and plan for your future needs so that you are never caught by surprise.  Some of the other possibilities with the Cloud:

  • Desktop Virtualization – Remove the constant upgrade costs and desk lock down by virtualizing your users.  Your users will have access to their work “desktop” from anywhere.  Home, mobile, or in the office the virtual desktop gives you your office anywhere.
  • Website in the Cloud – We can host your website on our Cloud. From basic HTML to high end web applications.  We have the back-end to support your website.  With access to both Linux and Windows environments you have access to the best of both worlds.  And when you add in a world-class Content Delivery Network you have a solution that will keep your website up and moving fast.
  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) – Infrastructure can be very expensive.  Between servers for files, printing, and security you can literally bankrupt a company just setting up your IT department.  We we can convert your old infrastructure to either a Hybrid solution like the big companies use or move your entire infrastructure to the Cloud.

As technology continues to evolve it is important for your company to keep up with the evolution.  You need a 5-year plan for expansion into the Cloud and we can help you get there.  Contact Us for a FREE consultation to see if we can help your business develop a plan for your technology.