We recognize today’s economy is tough, especially for a small business owner.  Between the cost of benefits and  maintaining your business it’s hard to justify your IT overhead.  You need to find a flexible way to spend your IT budget, and hiring a technology administrator might not be in your price range.  Outsourcing your IT also is not always a cost effective solution either, as some companies will nickel and dime you on an hourly basis.  We can help you improve your Return on Investment (ROI) with monthly affordable rates set for IT support and reduce the cost of your infrastructure through our cloud or hybrid based systems.  Continue reading for an example on how we have helped one of our clients.

Harrington ERA Realty, Inc. came to us with a problem.  Their e-mail hardly ever worked and the spam filtering was horrendous.

We needed to find a way to make our e-mail work for us, not have us always working on our e-mail.” – Julie D.


The solution, our Hybrid Cloud e-mail system combining both Exchange e-mail and a Cloud based POP3 system.  This solution gave them the best of both worlds.  Their management now has the ability to sync wirelessly with their portable devices like Blackberrys, iPhones or iPads and their agents now have a reliable e-mail system that works for them.


The next problem they encountered was a dire need for on-site support. Once again The Cloud Geeks were there with a solution that not only suited them better, but saved them money.  Now, for a low monthly rate Harrington ERA Realty, Inc. gets all of the technical support they need without having to worry about getting hit with charges every time they have an issue.

The Remote Geek service has been awesome for us.  Not only do we get an immediate response to any unforeseen issues, but weekly maintenance that keeps our systems running longer.  All for less money than we used to spend with our old provider.  As a accountant it makes my life easier knowing I will never go over budget.” – Julie D.

With e-mail taken care of with our Geek Mail hybrid exchange and their IT administration handled with our Remote Geek services, it left only one thing that they needed help with… data backup and recovery.  They had an existing provider, and while the provider was handling their needs, it did not fit within their budget.  With Geek Locker we were able to back up all of their data from logistically separated key locations within the organization, at a fraction of the cost and with no headaches unlike the previous system.

“I even get an RSS feed of my current back up status right into my Microsoft Outlook’s inbox.  I love it!” – Julie D.

As Harrington ERA Realty, Inc moves into the future, plans are already in place so their technology will continue to work for them and they won’t have to work around their technology.