Why We Should All Be Blogging More

One of the things that becomes really hard as you are a growing business is practicing what you preach. When we sit down with a client and work with them on their web presence we talk in great length about social engagement and transparency. What we don’t mention is that as we have been getting…

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So you wanna “Cloudify” Your Website

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The internet is a buzz of keywords.  You change meta tags and titles for Google keyword searches.  You type in keywords to any search engine when you are looking for something.  This blog post will have keywords in it that will hopefully grab your attention.  Cloud Computing is one of those buzzwords, just about every…

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Why Remote Geek

One of the biggest costs any company has is employees.  I can tell you first hand that IT employees are sometimes your most expensive.  But, they have become a necessity because your business runs on technology.  So you have a choice hire IT staff or bring on a outsourced IT team.  Outsourcing is quite a bit…

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SoDEL101 and The Cloud Geeks

Social media is everywhere we turn and just when we think we are up to date on the latest Internet trends, a new social network pops up. With the ever changing environment of social media and social networking, what can businesses do to make sure they are reaching their audiences in this digital world? The…

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