I am just going to come out and say it.  Today’s economy sucks.  Not just on a personal level but on a business level as well.  As a company you have to find a way to continue to grow your business while cutting back on costs.  And we all know that technology can be a budget killer.  From new computers, to conference rooms, to new servers every few years.  Software and hardware costs can bankrupt a company.  But they don’t have too. Here are 5 ways to save on IT.


1 – Maintenance


Weekly maintenance on your servers and end user computers can increase the life of your computer as well as keep it moving quickly and efficiently.  It also has the added bonus of helping keep your computer secure.  When looking at what type of maintenance should be done make sure that updates are being done but not until after testing.  We recommend at least 2 weeks from update release till deployment.  Also make sure that disk clean up and defragmentation are being done to keep you hard drive in healthy order.


2 – Recovery


Everyone should have a data recovery plan for critical files.  Most are still using an antiquated tape backup system that is probably costing them hundreds of dollars.  Some might be using an external hard drive and swapping them out daily but the initial cost of that is High is you are cycling them on and off site.  With the days of broadband internet upon us we suggest a better way.  Back up your data to the cloud.  Or better yet do a hybrid with a local backup to an external hard drive and an offsite backup to the cloud.  Not only will this have a much lower start-up cost for you but you have also protected your data from natural disaster.


3 – Virtualize


If your servers are coming up on their End of Life date then think about virtualization.  Combine the functions of your old servers in 2 one heavy duty server that has been virtualized to provide all of the functions for you.  This cuts cost in multiple ways including electricity, hardware, and sometime software.  You could also consider moving some of your services to the cloud as a way to reduce cost and increase productivity by having those services available anywhere.


4 & 5 – Outsource and then outsource againRemote Geek Picture

The cost of maintaining you own IT staff can be very high.  the average network administrator makes between 45 – 65 thousand dollars a year.  Add on to that benefits and that fact that you might need more then one or you might need a HelpDesk technician depending on the size of your company.  You should consider outsourcing it.  Bring in someone you are comfortable with to go over your existing IT solutions with you to make sure they match what you need.  Then outsource the administration of your network and help desk.  The costs will go way down and no benefits will have to be paid out saving you thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.


Keep in mind when deciding how to spend your IT dollars, that you should always consult an expert.  To help figure out how you can save money on your IT costs Contact Us for a FREE evaluation.

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